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Forgot to buy plane tickets to Caspar, Wyoming? Left it too late to get an airbnb in Salem, Oregon? Well, you can still participate in August 21's total solar eclipse, even here in San Diego. According to, the eclipse will begin at 9:07 am, reach a max at 10:23 am, and end at 11:46 am.

The Fleet Science Center is hosting a free eclipse-viewing event on the 21st, beginning at 9 am. Astronomer Dr. Lisa Will can answer your questions, as you assemble a pinhole projector or buy special solar eclipse glasses so you can view it safely.

Or learn how to make your own pinhole camera with these super-easy directions from NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab.

NASA has put together a comprehensive eclipse website, including a live video stream where you'll be able to safely view the eclipse. They have tips on Eye Safety During a Total Solar Eclipse and lots of educational resources if you're curious to learn more about the science behind this important astronomical event.