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It's All Fun and Games...

...until next week! This week our SCUA blog post explores vintage games and amusements in our collections.

Don’t Let Database Searching Stress You Out!

Cartoon of stressed student at computer

Need to find scholarly articles written on your topic but not sure how to start?  To be successful in your research process you need to create quality searches in the correct resources.  This can be a difficult and somewhat overwhelming process. This blog entry will help you transform your Google search into a potential database search.

Intriguing Insects in the Norland Collection of Natural History

In 1973, entomologist and SDSU professor Calvert Norland donated his beautiful collection of rare books, serials, and manuscripts devoted to natural history and entomology to San Diego State.

Want to Know More About Henrietta Lacks? Take A Look At The Common Experience Research Guide!

Henrietta Lacks

Looking for help with Common Experience projects? Our library website has a great research guide for you!

Spooks and Spirits: Hunting Ghosts in SCUA

Boo! This week SCUA invites you to explore the world beyond with a tour of ghosts and spirits in our collections!

Talk to the Hand! Palmistry in SCUA

This week, SCUA peers into the art and (pseudo)science of palm reading.

Capturing the Everyday: Real Photo Postcards

"Real photo" (or "real photographic") is a term used to describe a type of photographic postcards that were produced between 1903 and about 1930.

Check out what the Reference Collection has to offer…..Literally!

Picture of Reference Collection, First Floor Library Addition

While much background information is available on the Internet, did you know that many background sources are still available only in print format? These unique materials make up the Reference Collection located on the 1st floor of Library Addition.

Patron Profile: Faculty Research on Teacher Education

This semester, SCUA will be featuring a series of Patron Profiles, short interviews with various patrons in our Reading Room that will highlight the exciting research taking place in SCUA.