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Poster Printing

Info on payment, restrictions, paper size, files we accept, file setup and the printing process.

Poster Printing

Copy, Fax, Scan

Info on where to fax, copy or scan.

Copy, Fax, Scan

Add Funds to SDSUcard

Info on where to add funds to your SDSUcard and where you can get bills or change.

Add Funds to SDSUcard

7 Steps to Print

Step 1

Send your job.

From a library computer:
Choose File/Print from the program's main menu. Remember your computer number (LAB####, TFS####, RSRV####, etc.), which is on the monitor.

From your laptop or phone:
Email an attached document to, and pick it up from any library print station.  This works for black and white printing only.

Step 2

Go to a public print station.

There are four in the Library Computing Hub, two in the 24/7 Study Area, two in Reference, one in the Current Periodicals and Microforms Center, and one in the Media Center. There are color printers in the Library Computing Hub, 24/7 Study Area, and Reference.

Step 3

Select your computer from the print list.

Look on the printer's screen. If you've emailed the print job to, then look for your email address.

Step 4

Select the print job(s).

Click "print these jobs."

Step 5

Swipe your SDSUCard or Guest Copy Card.

Step 6

Click the "pay and print" button.

Step 7

Take your printouts from the printer.

* Printing costs 10 cents per page for black and white, 45 cents for color.  The default is black and white printing.  If you want to print in color, you must choose the color printer from the print options.

* Color transparencies can be printed in the Library Computing Hub and the 24/7 Study Area for $1.10 per page. Black and white transparencies can be printed in the 24/7 Study Area for 60 cents.