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sdsu library welcomes everyone gender neutral bathroom

We've built a gender neutral restroom in the 24/7 Study Area and wanted to answer some common questions.


Why have gender neutral restrooms?

Many transgender people feel uncomfortable and vulnerable in a gendered bathroom.  Time Magazine's article "The Gender-Neutral Bathroom Revolution Is Growing" does an excellent job of explaining how transgender people have been harassed or assaulted in gendered bathrooms, and how this kind of bathroom can also be useful for the disabled and parents with small children.

How do they work?

The one in 24/7 will have two stalls with tall walls and doors that lock.

Who can use them?

Anyone is free to use these restrooms. We ask that you behave in a respectful way towards others in the restroom.

What should I do if I see or experience a problem?

Please report problems to any service desk or to Library Administration at 619-594-6014. You may also report problems to the University Police Department at 619-594-1991. In an emergency, please call 911.

Where can I find other gender neutral restrooms on campus?

The Pride Center keeps a list at

Current SDSU Campus Gender Neutral Restrooms:

  • The Pride Center (Located at the entrance of the building)
  • The Women's Resouce Center (Located at the entrance to the building) 
  • The Women's Resource Center (Located at the rear of the building)
  • Exercise & Nutritional Science Building (Room 292 A)
  • Education & Business Administration Building (2nd floor, north end)
  • Education & Business Administration Building (3rd floor, north end)
  • North Education (Room 76)
  • West Commons (Room 200 A)
  • Zura Hall (Room B121) *For resident use only
  • Zura Hall (Room B122) *For resident use only

Gender Neutral Restrooms Coming Soon

  • Love Library (Opening Early 2017)
  • Callpuli Center (Opening Early 2017)
  • Peterson Gym (Opening Early 2017)
  • South Campus Resident Hall (2 locations) (Opening Early 2017)
  • Professional Studies & Fine Arts - Confucious Center (2 locations) (Opening Late 2017)
  • New Engineering Building (Opening 2018)

Where should I go to find out more information?

Feel free to contact Laurel Bliss, our LGBT Studies librarian, at The LGBT Studies guide lists databases where you can find reliable articles about this issue.