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The Library is comprised of several areas offering computing services to patrons. In total the Library provides over 400 student and faculty use machines throughout the building. This is broken into large areas like the Library Computing Hub, 24/7 Study Area, and Research Services.

Get Computer Help

The Library Computing Hub Help Desk helps students with computer related problems.

Get Computer Help

Get Blackboard Help

The Library Computing Hub Help Desk helps students with Blackboard related problems.

Get Blackboard Help

Add Funds to a SDSUcard

See where and how to add funds to your SDSUcard.

Add Funds to SDSUcard

Find Specific Software

See what computers have specific software.

Find Specific Software

Find a Computer

See what floors have MACs and PCs.

Find a Computer

Find a Printer

See what floors have printers.

Find a Printer

Wireless Internet

SDSU wireless access is free to students, guests and conference guests.

Wireless Internet

Phone Charging Stations

Get charged at these multiple phone charging stations.

Find Phone Charging Locations


Computer Features, Computer/Printer Locations

Location PCs Macs Group Rooms Scanners B&W Printing 2 Sided B&W Printing Color Printing
24/7 Study Area (TFS) 48 0 7 (Reserve) TFS (at Help Desk) TFS (self serve) TFS (at Help Desk) TFS (at Help Desk)
1st Floor - Love Library (1st) 0 0 2 (Open)   1st (laptop release station)    
3rd Floor - Community Users (3rd) 1 0 18 (Open)   3rd (prints to Research Services)    
4th Floor - Love Library (4th) 0 0 11 (Open)        
5th Floor - Love Library (5th) 3 0 7 (Open)   5th (prints to Research Services)    
Basement - Library Addition (B) 0 0 0   B (laptop release station)    
Research Services - SDSU Affiliates (RSRV) 135 0 0 RSRV (Bookeye) RSRV (self serve)   RSRV (self serve)
Research Services - Community Users (RSRV) 17 0 0 RSRV (Bookeye) RSRV (self serve)   RSRV (self serve)
Library Computing Hub (HUB) 267 34 2 (Reserve)   HUB (self serve) HUB (at Help Desk) HUB (at Help Desk)

Contact Us

Computers & Technology Contact

Location: Love Library 2nd Floor
Phone: 619.594.3189

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